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noun;highly sexual being:slut, promiscuous girl who is also really flexible
sue:did you just see that girl? she is such a jacjac
she just loves sticking jrods up her ass while she does tina
by kjang;ajkb;kajdbn['a November 13, 2006
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a tiny ass flamingo with no head and is holding a small ass cookie which he is bound to choke on cus he's a dipshit, they cant swim cus he has no head, he drinks toilet water and eat expired doritos, they were almost extinct because they dumped their whole body in a big bucket of glue and were found swimming in a sink full of petrol. they were almost caught in fire because like I said, their a dipshit
have u seen the jac jac that i found in my dirty underwear?

NO? WhERe diD It gO??!!!11?!
by mycamerabrokeagain May 20, 2019
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