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Jabumfuck is the hypothetical name given to any city, town, or place that is located out in the middle of nowhere. It is also known as BFE (pronounced B.F.E.), which stands for Beyond Fucking Everything, or Bum Fuck Egypt, or Butt Fuck Egypt, depending on your mood. Out in jabumfuck, you often have to drive over an hour to get to any sort of civilization, and people born in Jabumfuck often never get the chance to leave. Many small colleges are also located in Jabumfuck, as are crazy hippies that live on farms, or your sceptica, conspiracy theorist relatives that you never visit, because they live in Jabumfuck.
He just bought a house down in South Jabumfuck, so fuck if I'll ever make it out to see his new place.

Sorry it took so long, Mr. Incopetence here couldn't find a big enough parking space for his gas guzzler, so we ended up parking in Jabumfuck.
by talomally June 21, 2009
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