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An humanoid bipedal alien, it is usually darker skinned than humans and has very small eyes. They are found on the Planet Jaboog, and they mate by having the Alpha Male Jaboogaly dig himself a large hole in the ground, then after a few days of releasing pheromones into the atmosphere every single female jaboogaly is in the hole. After all the females are in the hole the alpha make exploades in a hellstorm of pleasure and reproductive juices. the leftover reproductive juices spawn the next generation of Jaboogaly. Jaboogaly hives have begun popping up on earth in places such as Japan, China, and a few small ones in America and across the world. the Average Jaboogaly can only be killed by a grain of rice to the heart or an Atomic Blast
I was lucky to be alive, a jaboogaly jumped me, luckily i had my rice gun.
by Craft0292 November 11, 2007
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