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Talking or typing in sentances that have never been spoken anywhere by a human before
So here i am making a couch and watching Mike Vernan eat some ducks, when all of the sudden this wooden diamond drank me. Shit.
by Atog December 20, 2004
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A word to take the place of any other word or phrase when you can't say the original word/phrase for any reason. ( Too nervous, agaisnt the rules to say it, forgot what you were going to say, ect.)
Guy: Hey.. I just um... wanted to tell you somthing...
Girl: Yeah?
Guy: Uhmm.... uhhh... Jabbawabba... (Oh man I'm so lame...)
Girl:Really?! Me too!
Guy: What? You know about Jabbawabba?
Girl: Duh! Everyone uses Urban Dictionary!
by Buhbuhbuh Bikini Model October 20, 2010
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