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Ja'hirah is a big booty bitch. She most likely got long curly hair. She got a Bestfrann who's name mostly start with a S. But if you mess with her Bestfriend she will beat yo ass and if she find out she find out you talking about her bitch you better pray. Ja'hirah don't play neather but anyway she is funny and ghetto at times. But ether way if you lose this Bestfriend you will regret it.
" damn did you see Ja"hirah ass it is so fat"
"Damn you so thirsty"
Ja'Hirah ;(a beautiful bitch).
by May 23, 2016
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A beautiful girl that everyone loves to hang around, a girl that makes everyone laugh, a girl that helps everyone with their problems buts never gets help with hers, a girl with trust issues, a girl that everyone is scared of but they shouldn't be (she's soft on the inside) , a girl that is very popular, a girl who loves to hang out with her friends that aren't fake , a girl who no one knows how to spell her name, a girl that has 2 BESTFRIENDS (Brooke &a Austin), that girl is Ja'Hirah!
Ja'Hirah has a huge butt.
by December 11, 2016
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