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Western MA term for Penis. Often used to confuse those in positions of authority, old people, children and squares from understanding the users conversations and graffiti.

When asked what "J'ead" is, respond with "widget".

Those who follow J'eadism often use J'ead to replace a common Adjectives, Adverb, Verb, Noun, Linking Verb etc. to enhance the meaning of the sentance.
My J'ead pooped its head out my fly.
Her J'ead-wallet had more lint than Ol'e Custard Butt's fanny pack.
Oh glorious J'ead.
J'ead bolead big baggin with anal beads.
Has anyone seen my J'ead around anywhere?
One look at your momas taint an I snotted J'ead Juice all ovah the place.
by GentlemanX November 15, 2007
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