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Izzy is an absolute legend:) she is always there for everyone and never falls out with anybody... But when her friends fall out she always manages to get them back together with a hug! Izzy is the definition of perfection as she is always ready to help out but also is a great party animal... She is absolutely beautiful and amazingly clever... Not to mention the fact she is completely down with her homies - sick innit baii;) she is also so honest and you can trust her with your life... Like I could tell her my best secrets and no matter how juicy they are she would never tell a soul... Anyways she's my life so like no one can ever hurt her because she's already been through so much and she always sticks up for me when I am feeling down or people are picking on me...
Caitlin: you are so perfect Izzy Kinnaird
Izzy: no that's you babe
Caitlin: omg you are so modest:*
Izzy: love you chicken
Caitlin: love you more babe
Izzy: no way HUN;)
by itsizzyxo April 18, 2014
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