Since whoever wrote the last entry was young, foolish, and obviously under educated in Izod, I will explain how Izod came to be.

Izod and Lacoste used to be part of the same company, and the clothing line was originally called "Izod Lacoste" and featured a small crocodile emblem.

Eventually Izod and Lacoste had differences of opinion over labor of the products. Izod wanted to design clothes in France, and have them made in foreign countries with cheap labor. Lacoste wanted no part of it, and kept design and manufacture in France while Izod split off and did his own thing. Eventually now you see that since Lacoste kicked the bucket, the new owner of the company went the way Izod wanted to go originally and all Lacoste shirts are now "Designed in France, Made in wherever".

So, that is the REAL story of Izod, and how they went from having a crocodile to a crest on their shirt. As well, when I was a teenager in the 80's, they were always just referred to as "Izod" and Lacoste was sort of passe as if that part of the company name didn't matter. It was an IZOD, and it was famous for the crocodile.

Izod,Lacoste,Izod,Lacoste,Izod,Lacoste The original name and history behind Izod and Lacoste.
by T. Kite May 25, 2006
Izod is NOT a prep store. Nerds and losers wear Izod. Prep stores are Aéropostale,Abercrombie,American Eagle,and Hollister.
Preps:Look at that loser in his Izod hoodie.
by Trillesimo March 13, 2008
Izod and Lacoste are two seperate brands. Izod began in the 20th-century in London. The name acquired prestige and an American businessman, Vin Draddy, bought the name to start his own company in America. Lacoste was started by Rene Lacoste, a famous tennis player in 1933 in France. Izod acquired the license to produce Lacoste clothing in the U.S. These were known as Izod Lacoste. This partnership lasted until the mid 1990s, when Lacoste refused to extend its license to Izod on the grounds that Izod was not producing Izod Lacoste items to Lacoste quality standards.
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by StevenX876 June 10, 2006