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A statement that 99.99% guarantees that a suddenly-foisted-upon-you undesirable situation/stipulation will be absolutely permanent, or at best will last for many months or even years. Alternative versions or "classic" variations include, "It's just till we get back on our feet" or "It's only till the third of next month", but we all know that things very seldom work out that way, particularly with "unmotivated" people who feel little urge to truly or actively exert themselves significantly to seek employment or otherwise improve their situation on their own, especially since they have you as a "crutch" to fulfill their basic daily-living needs for the time being.
Disgruntled middle-aged parent My teenage daughter assured me that, "It's only temporary" when she asked me to let her deadbeat boyfriend move in with us so that he'd have a place to live while he was "between jobs", but that was six months ago, and he's generally done nuthin' but munch potato chips and sit in front of the computer or TV all day and half the night!
by QuacksO February 10, 2017
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