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Isshushipping is the ship name for the characters Natural Harminia Gropius (Mainly known as N) and Touya/Hilbert/Black from the Pokémon series. The characters appear in the game(s) Pokémon Black and White, and they also appear in the Pokémon adventures manga.

This ship is pretty popular in the fandom, along with Ferriswheelshipping.

It is a very cute ship, and the relation between the two characters makes it even better.

Many people say, that in the game and in the manga, both of the characters show possible hints of having feelings for each other- yet it was never fully confirmed.

The fanart is amazing, as well.
Person 1: How's that ship between N and Touya called again?

Person 2: Oh! It's called Isshushipping.
by トウヤ October 29, 2017
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