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Relating to a medieval Scottish clan, irvine-fortescue is a term often used in Scottish rap battles. It refers to a 'Scot' who spends the majority of his time either in the gym or on the 'lash'. The love of 'lash' is so extreme that most bar tenders are told to remove anything non-alcoholic from any drink ordered. Although some may perceive this irvine-fortescuism cool, often those of a feminine persuasion are less than impressed. These negative connotations are balanced by the other meaning of irvine-fortescue which refers to a man of extreme sincerity. It may also refer to a propensity to make up dreams to impress friends.
'Mate, did you hear about Fred's dream? He's well cool'
'Na. He made it up to impress you'
'Oh, he's such an irvine-fortescue'

'Hey mate how you doing?'
'I'd appreciate it if you'd move along please - this is serious'
'wow, what an irvine-fortescue'

'Is that guy benching 200 kilos whilst drinking straight vodka'
'Ye - such an irvine-fortescue'
by Harvey-de-Lash May 16, 2010
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