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An effort by Circuit City to try and do something for their customers before they go out of business. IQ Crew is their computer "tech" dept that will keep working on your computer until:
a.) You get tired of taking it there and take it to someone who can actually fix it or b.) The computer has been there so long it is not worth paying the bill to pick it up.
customer: Is my computer repaired yet?
IQ Crew: Repaired?, We don't do that here.
customer: listen, I wanted my computer back!
IQ Crew: Ok, well you amount owed is $675.
customer: $675 !?!?!?!? For what?, I just wanted a memory upgrade!
IQ Crew: well, you were one of the two customers we had in the store today and we have to pay for our time here somehow!
customer: whatever, gimme my damn computer.
*later on telephone*
IQ Crew: yo, what's up, dog?
customer: I just paid $675 for a memory upgrade and I still have the same amount of RAM.
IQ Crew: Oh, you wanted RAM? We deleted some files from your computer so you have more memory available.
customer: Is that why my sound isn't working???
IQ Crew: Well, your sound driver was taking a lot of hard drive space.
*customer slams phone down*
by Ek April 15, 2005
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