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comes from the term "name-dropping"

When you've been asked to give names of favourite music, bands, singers etc.. (for example, on the information you give on your facebook profile or other social networks) and you just take a look at the list on your Ipod and copy it, you're "Ipodropping"!
Tom: so... what's your favourite music? what kind of things are you listening to at the moment?

Anna: Well there's Arctic monkeys oh and Bjork, Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple, Babyshambles, The kills, Joanna Newsom, Nick Cave,

Tom: ZZZZZZ...

Anna: The Teenagers, Art Brut, Datarock, Cat power, Bishop Allen, Jaguar Love, Julie Doiron, Kim Wilde, Portishead, Pulp


Anna: The Specials, Belle and Sebastian, David Bowie, Snow Patrol, Plasticines,

oh and
naive new beaters! Tom??

Tom: oh sorry, the minute I realized you sarted IPODROPPING I fell asleep..
by lunar eclipse July 03, 2009
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