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1) Google Definition: A princess from Greek Mythology.

2) The elongated version of Iphi

3) Name meaning "Sacrifice"...thats so depressing,excuse me while I turn up the Marylin Manson, go cut myslef, and write poems about death...

4) Can also be written as Iphigenis, Iphigene, Iphigenias, Iphigenia, Iphiginea, Iphigenae, and Penis.

5) The name of few people in this world but popular among French speaking countries.

6) There has been a French moviemabe titeled "Iphigenie" and a book written too.
1) Princess Iphigenie was cast into the sea but not before Artemis could save her!

2) OMG, Look at Chanelle, shes acting like such an Iphigenie!

3) I will name her...Iphigenie! *throws baby into volcano*

4) Why is your name so goddam hard to spell!

5) There are currently only 43 Iphigenies in the world.

6) Iphigenie the movie was worse than Iphigenie the book!

by Oh! $#!T! October 14, 2007
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