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Invisible beef is when someone or a group of people privately claim to dislike you for reasons unknown. It's when that person goes around talking negatively about you behind your back, informing everyone except you that there is a "problem". when a bitter childish person likes to make bad choices and then point their fingers in blame because you never attended their pityy part.
a hater with an invisible beef
by Levi Royce January 04, 2014
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Invisible beef
1: When you’re having beef with someone but the other person doesn’t know/ you haven’t said anything

2: when your mad at someone and they’re mad at you but you two act like nothings wrong

“God, Taylor got on my nerves. I won’t say anything to her though, I’ll just have invisible beef with her. “
by Anonymousbitch17 June 13, 2018
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