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Someone who is able to find out the truth when being lied to and in turn retaliates with a smarter technique like exposing the liars dirt. Most "investihating" resources are the internet, computer, myspace, cell phones, cell phone bills, passwords, and being nosie.
I found out about my ex-boyfriends infedility when I started going through his computer. It all started on Myspace, soon I was online checking any and all of his accounts that were started by him. It was easy. After I sent out bulletins of him in my bikini bottoms(only) to all of his work associates, I received my "Investihater" badge. Wanna see it?
by cdubyas January 26, 2007
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Paranormal investigators that are hell bent on blaming paranormal television and event celebrities for the short comings in the paranormal field. Most investihaters in the field are usually upset they didn't get offered a tv show or that their evidence lacks any substance.
Bob the ghost hunter thinks all paranormal celebrities are faking their evidence. He has now reached investihaters status.
by Rouxlette December 11, 2010
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