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1)Invader 2)Zim

1) Invader - an Irken who has worked up the ranks from Military Grunt to Irken Elite and finally an Invader

2) Zim - A stupid irken who luckially passed the invader exam. Who was banished from thier planet to Food Courtia, after destroying his own planet in Impending Doom 1. He escaped from his punishment and arrived to the Great Consigning, intime to be sent on a 'secret mission' where thier armada is not going.
Red - And that completes the Great Consigning!

Zim - WAIT!!

Purple - No it can't be...

Red + Purple - ZIM!

Zim - I couldnt find my invitation, your lucky I made it at all

Red - You weren't invited at all.

Purple - Shouldn't you be frying up burgers or something?

Zim - Oh I quit when I found out about this.

Purple - You quit being banished?
by Fushigi Yami April 19, 2005
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very small green Alien tring to take over the world with a Robot called gir.
gir likes to do the doom dance
by zim April 17, 2005
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