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A geographically and logically defined grouping of sub-area networks within a much larger Autonomous System network. Intraprises may contain multiple data centers, LANs and MANs. They can interconnect via ISP WAN circuits, point to point circuits, and wireless links. Several Intraprises consistute the Enterprise. These Intraprise networks are reachable from all other Intraprises in the same Enterprise network.
A large Autonomous System enterprise network, that has several NOCs managing specific portions of the enterprise can be divided into Intraprise areas of responsibility. Example: You have a large enterprise AS network, that has LANs in every state capital city. You have 3 Network Operations centers in the U.S. One NOC is in New York. The second NOC is in Oklahoma. The third NOC is in Seattle. Each one of these NOCs manage an Intraprise portion of the network that includes all of the state capital LANs in that particular area of the country. All the LANs use WAN circuits to communicate into the same AS, but are really part of the Intraprise managed by their respective NOC.
by Theresa Pon December 27, 2004
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