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phonetic (in-tern-hate ) the hate of the internet .

A phenomenon globally encountered in the comments sections of various website and articles . When the main article topic might be enlightning or meanful . Related comments turns into a war between readers / users , on any kind of hatred subject ( religion , race , science , history , politics , starwars ep1/2/3 , you name it ) .
The more personal and divergent it gets the better the result . This pool of activity is also usually the playground of trolls , who are always looking for a good public place to light a fire , but also sometimes just a plain exposure of ignorance and human's nature most profound stupidity .
" Man you've seen the comment section of Youtube ? "

" Yeah totally , ... so much internhate it's depressing "

" Dude , you saw that arcticle about microphotography of snowflakes so great !! "
" Yup , also witness the internhate battle of religions in the comments , it was sad ."
by Jayce89 May 11, 2014
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