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Internet Multi-Level Marketing. Describes a large segment of online "how to make money online" tutorials, which involve getting a mark involved with the affiliate marketing industry. Ironically, these tutorials themselves include affiliate links to products which are directed to people getting started in affiliate marketing. The Internet MLMer gets paid when a mark signs up for the paid services through his affiliate links.

Even crazier, the revenue for many of these services are a monthly recurring revenue, which means that if a mark subscribes for life, his lifetime value to the Internet MLMer is in the thousands of dollars - perhaps more if additional products and services can be sold to the mark. A skilled Internet MLMer can earn in excess of six figures a month.
Jesse wants to quit his day job after watching an Internet MLMer's YouTube video on how to make money online. But first, he needs to buy ClickMagic, GetResponse, LeadPages, and 50onRed. Make sure you click my links below for a special discount, and sign up for my mailing list for a free e-book guide.
by reversengineer April 11, 2016
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