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The extended time period friends give each other to see themselves in other countless relationships. Remaining friends over the years. Hearing all the talk around the town. But knowing the talkers know nothing about the internalationship between them.
Woman: Exactly how many numbers did you get from those hoochillaz at the bars?
Man: Those dumb broads know nothing about what train was about to hit them. How many guys tried to buy you them drinks woman?
Woman: Wow, I lost count.

Man: Me too.
Woman: How many did you call?
Man: That's the funny part. I never called any of them. I was waiting for you to just give me yours.
Woman: No way, Train you can't handle this. I'm crazy.
Man: I know woman we have that internalationship going on. Let me get that number. Darn it, it's been 9 years.
Woman: You wouldn't call on me. Your bluffing
Man: Look woman I know you better than any man and I know all your secrets too.
(The man has called me every day since then and asked me to marry his crazy butt next year. Some men are worth the wait for. That's why they call him the ETrain.)
by WhodatgrillinSomechickenzBoy February 06, 2010
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