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Prominent in teenage girls (and queers) this syndrome is when you are so obsessed with Instagram and snap chat that you become out of touch with reality. This leads to being delusional and people suffering with often expect their parents to buy them a BMW or Mercedes for their first car and also expect them to buy/rent them an apartment when they turn 18. Victims also believe that they do every single chore in the house despite the fact that they sulk in their rooms all day. Sufferers only care about the perfect selfie, not their future. They often will pass high school with shitty grades and expect an IV league education and to be a billionaire before they are 30.

Career options: military(no specific branch), nail painter(if Asian), or just meeting a rich man.
"hey becky i just got my license so my parents will buy me a BMW"

"are you sure your not just suffering insta-snap syndrome"

"No... would you like to take a selfie with me?""
by A Black Jew April 28, 2016
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