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The resulting word from the attempt of a functionally retarded individual to spell incestuous.
Guy 1: That dude was so absolutely and incredibly fucking stupid that he confused the word "incestuous" with some nonsensical shit spelled as "inscestical".

Guy 2: Seriously? Wow. That's what happens when your IQ is barely above room temperature.
by Myshkin April 08, 2007
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1) having close sexual relations with a very closeley related family member.
2) expressing extreme-isim or disgust of/for inscest.
3) disbelief over an act of incest
james: man, did you hear, andrew got a blow job. FROM HIS BROTHER!
adam: holy shit that's INSCESTICAL!

alyssa: ohhhmygoodd, best sex EVER last night.
alica: WITH WHO?! give me his number
alyssa: you already got it, was with my bro
by HeatherChristine April 01, 2007
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