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1. StarCraft slang, short for Infested Terran, usually used by Terran players like aka_Pyro when asking a Zerg ally if they would like a spare Command Center to infest.

When someone offers you the opportunity to do this, it is advised that you use it. Nothing cooler than pissing off the enemy with inf terran drops near their resources. Also, when someone offers you this chance, it is symbol of trust, meaning in exchange for the colossal amount of resources they'll spend building the Centers, they expect you to help protect that investment, by building extra defenses for them. For this reason, in a team game, the only person who is playing as Terrans on each team is a valuable asset/target to protect/destroy. It's fun to be the only Terran on your team.
aka_pyro to anonymous Zerg ally: inf terrans?
by aka_Pyro June 10, 2007
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