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1. to lose control of their faculties or behavior due to an ideology, usually behaving rudely in a social situation or online.

2. to be overwhelmed or excited by an event associated to an ideology, often causing a disregard to facts and acting against ones own self interest
3. a state caused by willfully providing alcohol for the use of consumption to a dachshund

From indoctrination,toxic and dachshund.
We were having a great time until Jerry got indoxicated and ranted his (left|right|up|down) propaganda. It ruined the night for every one.

"Pete can't talk right now. He just finished listening to his radio show and he's too indoxicated to have a conversation."

She went to the rally and came back indoxicated.

They went out for a walk to the pub and came back indoxicated.
by WolfenDorf August 25, 2017
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