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a sexual act performed in the western hemisphere. performed with an Asian woman between the heights of 4'9'' and 5'2'' and a African-American male of large penis (12"+, 7'' circumference). occurs when black male of large penis fails to insert penis into the small Asian woman. faced with a dilemma, the black male finds ranch salad dressing and uses said ranch to lubricate obscenely large penis. thus, enabling him to insert penis into the small Asian vagina. after intercourse is completed and vagina is enlarged due to sex, black male proceeds to use the ranch salad dressing left over in the vagina and mixes in salad, assorted veggies, and fried chicken. he then consumes said fried chicken salad out of Asian woman's vagina using nothing more than chopsticks.
" nigga you straight indonesian fried chicken salad'd that chink bitch janice last night nigga."
by chinkbitchjanice5987xoox69 September 18, 2009
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