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India is nice at first, and very popular. She has many guys chasing after her especially those whose names starts with K, she usually gets in fights with girls who's name starts with A, E, and sometimes K. She will pretend to be your friend and then when you get in a fight she will turn around and back stab you. Her gorgeous looks will distract you, but her inside will make you gag and die.
Other classmate: "WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE"
by Allison Cooper November 08, 2017
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A total bitch who does not know how to love anyone except her shitty as self. She needs to know where she fits in the food chain, and I will tell you it is not very high. If an India is reading this she should know that this is Leila, and after you betrayed me back at Washington high, I will ALWAYS HATE YOU. Bye bitch, bye.
"Who is that total bitch face over there?"
"Oh that is iIndia she is a total motherfucker"
"India the name?"
"Yeah, we should go over there and tell her to gfh"
by Leila Manning November 22, 2017
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