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a boy or girl who is partialy scene, but indie as well. They are really fun people, most often surrounded by other indie or scene kids. They have the "indie" attitude and some of the "scene" characteristics. (ex.)black or dark hair {scene}, some scene clothes,always really happy{indie},listen to all types of music {indie},also listens to screamo/emo/scene music {scene}
Indio-billy girl Kat-"hey Byrdie, I think that sexy indi-scene boy just threw a tennis ball at you."
Indie chick Byrdie-"really, you mean the one with the black hair and beanie?"
Kat- "uh-huh...he's also wearing a converge band tee and those sexy torn indie rocker jeans."
Byrdie-"'s too bad that throwing a tennisball at me isn't gonna get him anywhere..."
Kat-"ya...besides... who throws a tennisball?"

by byrdie January 03, 2008
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