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Incommunicaditus is a virus that begins with the inability to contact your friends, leading to feelings of anger, frustration and confusion. Early Symptoms are phantom vibrating near the pocket where the cell phone normally resides, yelling at and sometimes hitting broken communication devices, and anti-social behavior since they are unaware of that weekend's plans. The subject may eventually begin talking to themselves and wandering around campus in hopes that they will just run into someone they know. Eventually, if the case is not dealt with, the infected's head will figuratively explode from boredom. Incommunicaditus infects approximately 3 Students on any college campus on any given weekend. It can be set off by either the crashing of a computer or the loss/breaking of a cellphone.
Bill: You, know. I haven't seen chelsea in a few days...
Kelly: Well, she dropped her phone in a toilet on thursday night, so now she has incommunicaditus.
by sinthellina March 30, 2008
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