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someone that is so concerned about her image, so much that she goes to extreme lengths to talk about her real friends behind their back. An image slut is usually a member of "the cool kids" but is only considered cool by her friends within her group. Behaviors of an Image slut are sluting around with other friends to be considered cool, ignoring your texts, and talking behind your back. She will usually hang out with the popular jock to get alot of attention. She will constantly try to use you to her own advantage. Once you confront her about being a backstabbing bitch, she usually says that she doesnt care about what anybody thinks, but what people actually think kills her inside.
Mike: (Texting Kylie)

Mike: hey

Kylie: dont text me your messing up my image.

Mike: then why did you put your number in my phone.

Kylie: Thats when you were cool.

Mike: Kylie your such an image slut.
by truthmaster69 May 28, 2010
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