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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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A phrase used to describe your dislike for the current moment or situation happening to you. Often used after or during a long boring day of school.
by xmonke February 28, 2011
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Common phrase used by females to express discontent in a current situation. These females are often the ones who use the phrase "can you not?"

"I hate my life" is usually meant to be a speech filler; it holds no significant value to a conversation or situation. It is probable that the female is trying to seek attention after mis-performing or failing some task, however, little sympathy is provided by the surrounding population.

Some proper responses to the phrase are the following: "Aww," "Uh oh," and "What happened?" It is disrespectful to reply with the following: "I hate your life, too," "Hahaha, you suck," and "Oh, you fail."
Steph cannot open the file in Photoshop
Steph: Ahh, I hate my life.

Joanne loses in Tetris
Joanne: Oh my god... I hate my life...
by 881 January 23, 2006
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Used to describe how crummy one is feeling, usually in a shitty circumstance or after you have a terrible day. Not used in serious terms, no need to worry if a friend says this unless it sounds like they are genuinely depressed.
*trips in the hallway at school, everyone sees, lies and the floor*
you: I hate my life...
by real-life-potato March 09, 2016
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The opposite of "I love my life".

Used to express disapproval, disgust, or if something bad happens to oneself.
Friend 1: "Yes, ------- threw up today in class in a plastic bag."
Friend 2: "I hate my life!"

Person: " 'I love my life'....everyone is saying that now!"
Friend: "I hate my life"

You: ::spilling hot cocoa all over yourself:: " I HATE MY LIFE!"
by Nick H February 03, 2004
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I hate my life is an expression to show how after u did something wrong or stupid. It's not meaning anything with suicide at all so be mindful of parents hearing it.
You: ::drops book:: uhgg i hate my life

Person 1: we have a huge bio test tomorrow
Person 2: Not uh really?
Person 1: yea!
Person 2: uhhg i hate my life
by Linploop =] December 08, 2005
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