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The name that is often given to a tattoo that an inked individual later regrets in life. An idiot mark is also something one does that leaves a permanent mark, scar, or disfigurement such as caused by setting themselves on fire with a flame thrower, or doing the eraser challenge.
(My grandfather speaking) You know what this is pointing to arm ? This is my idiot mark. I got it while I was in the Navy and I've regretted it ever since.

( Parent to child ) I've warned you about the eraser challenge, and now you'll have a permanent idiot mark for the rest of your life.
by Daniel H. B. February 07, 2018
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When the rifle scope hits your nose or eye and leaves the idiot mark FOREVER
when you're first learning to use a gun, so you hold it wrong and break your own nose from holding it wrong. the idiot mark is the dent in your face from the gun hitting it
by slingshotmeow May 19, 2018
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