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Otherwise known as IDD, a relatively rare disorder characterized by a notable lack of original, which is to say, innovative, interesting or humorous ideas. Like Rabies, the first symptom of this "disease" is a developing fear in the victim that they may indeed be a sufferer. This leads the sufferer of IDD to develop various tactics and strategies for masking this deficit of metaphysical presence, for example, keeping one's mentor(s) in the closet and isolated from one's social circles so that one's frequent parroting of the mentor's wisdom and witticisms is not detected and can be passed off as one's own. Another common tactic of a sufferer of IDD is the practice of recycling of endearments.

The character Howard Crick played by Will Farrell in the popular film, Stranger than Fiction (2006) provides us with as good an example as any of a person suffering from what might be termed "identity deficit disorder".

What Derrida has effectively accused all thinkers of suffering from when he proved that metaphysical presence is mere illusion.

Tommy frequently recycled the ideas and suggestions of his friends and acquaintances. And in this way at least put up a passable appearance of having a personality to call his own. If Tommy ever did have an idea of his very own no one ever knew it since it'd invariably die on the vine before he could tell anyone.
by Russell Clark December 03, 2006
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