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Some underground or obscure band (or band obscure to the fans' larger peer group) that someone likes only because they can act elitist and sophisticated OR they can they say they like something unique different from everyone else. In bad cases, should the band break into the mainstream, they will suddenly disavow their fanship.

As a phenomenon, the term can be applied to individual artists. Most associated with genres with strong anti-authoritarian tendencies like punk, indie rock or hip hop, but can be applied to a wide range of situations, like random American fans of J-pop who really only like it because they can feel special, in contrast to true appreciators.

Sometimes associated with hipsters, or rather, their imitators.

Nevertheless everyone needs a dose of identity band sometimes. The opposite excess, where your playlist is entirely composed of songs off the top 40 lists, is a much worse sin.
It doesn't matter how massively popular Coldplay is, Arjun is self-confident enough that he doesn't have an identity band crisis for liking them.

Person 1: I liked Kid Cudi and Kanye better when they were underground.

Person 2: Please tell me you're not into that insecure identity band shit.
by galoisien February 07, 2011
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