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1)A euphemism used in male conversation to describe the failed attempt of a poorly planned pick up line on a very sexually attractive woman.

2)A greeting between members of a group that commonly share stories centering around their various tales and feats involving attractive women.

Commonly abbreviated <ii cc> in text messages.

This is a phrase originating from the polite inquiry by a member of the male sex to a woman to discover the true character of said sexually attractive women by discovering whether she ever partakes in the divine and delectable foods, ice cream and cake.
1)"While I was at the movie theatre i saw this smokin' hot girl. But, she apparently didn't like me much,because when i came up to her and said ice cream ice cream cake cake she just laughed at me and walked away..."

2)"Hey bro, ice cream ice cream cake cake, that's wassup. So the other night i was at this party with these hot chickz..."
by WhiteAfrican July 31, 2010
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