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The only song by the (fictional) band Glitter Job. The beginning of the song was originally used for part of the Bad Lip Reading parody of Stranger Things. However , a full version was later recorded and made available on YouTube and ITunes. While some of the lyrics are admittedly nonsensical, it is still an awesome song, with cool beats, and awesome vocals.
The guy that sat on his potato put his socks around his neck.

Even I would touch the junk.

It was a dog who bit me for the burger meat.

I got bit.

Gotta find my sticks.

Frightened nipple, frightened nipple.

The Ice God Of Hungary sailed across the sea

to become a deity.

And while the doctor played his flute,

The captain sailed his crew through the Strait of Avalon.
by KrispyDymond January 02, 2018
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