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A chemical contained in toadstool mushrooms (NOT mushrooms containing Psilocybin).

When processed through the body, Ibotenic Acid is converted into Muscimol which makes you trip. This conversion can cause one to sweat, and create a feeling of nausea depending on how the mushroom is consumed. Consuming the wet mushroom WILL NOT work; it is generally made into a powder.
Ibotenic Acid is commonly contained in Amanita mushrooms. This includes but is not limited to the Amanita Muscaria (Super Mario Toadstool Mushroom), Amanita Crenulata, or Amanita Pantherina; (variation Multisquamosa, etc.)
"Last night I ate some of that wet mushroom containing the Ibotenic Acid and this morning I was shitting flames!"
by TheFreshnessMaker October 31, 2009
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