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Iayanah is a very athletic girl. She has a heart that not many very people have. shes very shy and really quite, never give up on knowing her because once you have her in your life she will always be there for you. Shes a person who you should have in your life forever. Shes very beautiful and honestly caring. She would talk to you about the most craziest things that would make you laugh. Shes also a person who would always love you. She has a hard background but she would always stay positive and always put on that beautiful smile and her gorgeous dimples. Shes a person who would look for something special into a guy, like personality. Never break her heart, you would miss out on all the love she would give to you. She has lots of friends and she is a person who would never break promises (depends on what it is) shes really fast and she would never stop. She can be sexual sometimes. watch out!
Dang this Iayanah girl is amazing!
by Candycrush1234567 April 12, 2017
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