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1) In ancient irish culture: iarlaith conneally is the god of brilliance. The galician version of his name is "iarlfgaith o'connellaigh" – he is the most powerful of all the irish gods, he's the one in charge of all good and miracles in ireland and the rest of the world.

2) Derived from the B.C irish god, iarlaith conneally also means someone with an unbelievably high amount of swag.
1) Teacher: and iarlaith conneally in 600b.c, is said to have saved all of the dying irish people from the plague with his amazing, miraculous powers.
Student: WoW... That's so awesome

2) Paul: I had no idea james could rap like that, he actually beat eminem and jay-z in both of those battles.
Rory: he's a real iarlaith conneally!
by farfadet ivre March 01, 2015
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