one of the best men you’ll ever meet. he plays around and is sarcastic but cares so much even if he doesn’t show it all the time. he’s very mature and is extremely head over heart, so he thinks very rationally. he’s also extremely good looking and gives off a very confident vibe, but he may actually be insecure. he’s the type of man to make you feel safe and comfortable and secure. his sense of humor is also extremely funny and he can make anybody laugh. he can choose to be quiet when he doesn’t feel the need to talk but he can also be the life of the party. he loves to play around and sometimes that hurts peoples feelings but he’s an all around caring, good looking, sexy, funny, humble, guy who you can trust with anything.
me: isn’t he so amazing?
person 1: yeah, he’s like ian bai
by BobTheCoolPerson July 22, 2021