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When you pull your iPod out of you pocket and your iPod headphones are in an unbelievable tangled mess. Scientists are still unable to explain how it is possible that the headphone cables can become so intricately tangled, though Steven Hawking is working on a few complex theories

The iTangle often appears to be so hopelessly knotted that it will never be untangled. However in most cases the iTangle can be undone in 5-30 minutes. However there are reported iTangle cases that have never been successfully undone.

The iTangle is known to cause severe anger from frustration. There is even a documented account of the iTangle causing a 24 year old man to become so frustrated that he committed suicide. In his suicide note he claimed "it would be just be better to fuckin end it all than to untangle that goddamn iTangle."
(Man pulls iPod with headphones out of pockets, headphones are in ungodly tangled mess)
"Goddamn fuckin iTangle!!! How the fuck is this possible? How can these headphones become so tangled? They were just in my pocket!!! AGHHHHH FUCK!!!!"
by Lt. Aldo Raine September 30, 2009
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