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Pathetically slavish devotees of Apple Computers who blindly embrace any product hawked by their turtle-necked tech messiah Steve Jobs.

The iSheeple are, as a general rule, more interested in Apple products as fashion accessories and will buy several permutations of the same item in order to stay "current", even when that device has obvious design flaws and is liable to break under even normal usage conditions (see: iPhone 4) or cause the user actual physical harm (see: overheating Macbooks). Rather than picking the best tool for the job, iSheeple choose the Apple alternative every time, paying over the odds for a product that is not as useful as it should be (see: iPad).

Ignoring well-reasoned arguments from less biased computer enthusiasts everywhere, they will never truly be convinced that Apple products are overrated. For iSheeple the mind-numbing simplicity of the various Apple operating systems is actually comforting: a real power operating system would only leave them huddled over in a corner shaking uncontrollably and sobbing that iTunes can't run their lives and tell them what to buy next anymore.

More extreme iSheeple will decorate non-Apple products with the now ubiquitous fruit silhouette logo, even going so far as to have the icon tattooed onto their skin in an overwhelming display of blind conformity.

Such is their unswerving quasi-religious devotion they are classed as acceptable targets and should be mocked whenever possible.
Even the usually infallible Stephen Fry is a notorious Apple bore and figurehead of the irritating iSheeple masses.
by LastWeekZeke December 26, 2010
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