iScribble is an online drawing site where people from all over the
world can work on a drawing at the same time. The interactive canvases
allow users to draw pictures using a mouse or graphic tablet. Finished
drawings can be published to our gallery where they are commented and
rated by the users in the community.
iScribble is a great place for beginners to learn drawing but also
features advanced drawing tools for more demanding users.

iScribble is much like PaintChat. You will need an account to enter it. It can have public boards, and private ones.PaintChats are online chat rooms that allow its participants to draw together in real-time while they chat. The chat box is usually at the bottom, with the drawing area on top. Paint chats generally attract the same demographics as Oekakis. Anime characters are a popular subject.

iScribble is a completely free website. Thousands of peopel come
online each day. Most people sue the boards to practice their drawings
skill (only 15 people may be on a board at a time), and some people
play "drawing games" such as pictionary and art contests.

The top themes seen on the site are pixeling, warrior cats, wolves,
anime, and manga. These are the people who think they are so cool because they can do one thing. They thnk they are somethign called "artists".

Regular users are those who can use more of the features of the baords (save or load a drawing, circle tool, blur, and autocircles). Becoming a regular user takes some time and thoughtful knowledge.

As a common misconeception, many people think that iScribble is a "game". However, it is not. It is simply a multi-user paint program.
Susan uses iScribble to talk with her friends from all over the world and touch up her art skills.

John think that drawing wolves on iScribble is so cool and totally underrated.
by ArtTheories August 14, 2009
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