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A person, being of either the male or female gender, who can name at least the title and artist of almost any song of decent quality (see rock and roll) and sometimes the album, background information about the song or artist, or lyrics for foolish non-iPods that can't seem to hear perfectly slurred musical lyrics. Often the D.J. or MC of a party or gathering, also works great in freakshows.
*Rolling Stones' Paint it Black is playing in a hotel room during a school Washington, D.C. trip*

Jeremy (singing along): "I see a rainbow and I want to paint it black.."

Luke (iPod Human): "Ah fuck, lil' kid, can't you hear?!"

Jeremy: "Yeah.. I'm PRETTY SURE its 'I see a rainbow,' what else would it be?"

Luke: "try 'I see a red door,' lil' idiot. Don't argue with me about the Stones, or anybody. This song specifically is from their Aftermath album"

Jeremy: "That doesn't sound right. You don't even know what you're talking about."

Luke: "Wanna bet, bitch?!"

*quick chacha text for the sake of un-biased answers*

Luke: "Yeap, it's 'red door' not 'rainbow' you little rainbow lovin' homo. I told you so."

Jeremy: "You darned iPod Humans! Where can I get one of you?!"
by Luke "THE TRUTH" W. November 12, 2010
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