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This is a rather annoying breed of an Apple fanatic that will pester you about every electronic gadget you use if it doesn't have the Apple logo on it, regardless of your particular needs or your reasons for using what you have.
iPest: "why are you using a Blackberry?! those things suck! get an iPhone! The iPhone can do everything! It has a touch-sceen keyboard! its the latest and greatest technology!"

BBUser: "because I need something with a REAL keyboard. I need this to integrate with my Company's network. I need to edit Office documents on the fly, and I need the capability to open up Microsoft Outlook meeting notifications. The iPhone is not meant for every consumer out there, particularly business users, so stop pestering me".

iPest: "Dude!!! PC!!!! why did you buy a PC instead of a mac?!! that's like getting a Ford Pinto instead of a BMW!!"

PCUser: "Because I'm integrating this with my home theater, and I need something with built in HDMI and Blu-ray, features which MACs unfortunately do not have. Now piss off asshole".
by KJSolid February 02, 2010
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