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One who is so obsessed that they adopt his humor style to a whole new level. They act like "comedic release" is something everyone should care about, and go on rants about things that iDubbbz himself would tell them to kill themselves if he heard them. They feel that exactly replicating his humor style will make them "funny", so they judge anything that moves. Can be associated with the words "prepubescent, fag, squeaker, bitch". This is not directed at someone who uses iDubbbz humor, just if you live by it. Takes "hypo" from "Hypocritical" to a whole new level.
Michael (iDubbbz Enthusiast): "Justify yourself, bitch. Why were you talking about TF2? That game is more cancerous than you. Kill yourself, faggot."
iDubbbz: "What is this little piece of shit, kill yourself before your peers do it"
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by MemesNotMorons February 09, 2017
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