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A newfound faith or self-belief that is more powerful than any technology or gizmo—any item of desire that Apple will be launching in coming years.
We need an iBelieve mindset to produce futuristic gadgets like iCar, iPlane, and iEye.
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by MathPlus October 08, 2017
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The official CTV (a Canadian TV news channel) song for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver sung by an obscure young canuck chick named Nikki Yanofsky. Throughout the two weeks of the games, Vancouverites are spammed with this conglomatrix of notes ad nauseum, more often than the Canadian anthem, which already gets played shitloads of times because we're winning all those Golds. Fuck yeah.
Kelsey's going to hurl if she hears that "I believe" song one more time. I love winning and yay Canada and all, but that song is truly awful and I will be glad when it fades into obscurity.
by Timmehhhhhhh!!1111oneone February 28, 2010
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