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when the images began to surface of Kim Kardashian after 'the Kim Kardashian breaks the internet ' P.R stunt and seeing what the actual contours of her body looked like without the use of photoshop i realised that you actually see better curves on a rubix cube
whist perched on tree with a set of binoculars in a security camera black spot outside the Kardashian household, an elderly stalker with years of experience in the pastime , or hobby as he likes to describe it. he thought he had struck gold when he noticed the bedroom drapes where left open just enough to observe Kardashians siloutte entering the room....he thought it was just a matter of time before she walked past the gap in the drapes and he got to gaze upon what the media had described as the most curvatious woman in the world. then and without prior warning what could only be described as a carbon blob covered in a substance resembling cottage cheese appeared through the the gap in the drapes. just before the gentleman in question died from 17 different types of shock he uttered the words...'what the hell is that thing? i've seen better curve's on a rubix cube'
by true story! January 23, 2016
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