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What people who are NOT from Chicago claim, only to make themselves look cooler/classier/more hood/more gangsta/ anything they want to portray, depending on the individual's preference. Basically, trying to make oneself look better. This phrase is used by people who are from the lame-ass surrounding suburbs, or even the northwestern most suburbs of Indiana in order to try to appeal to others and make themselves look more "worldly" and "Chicago-ish". They know their home towns are lame as fuck, so if it's within even a 150 mile radius of Chicago, they will claim Chicago to be their home, even if it is not.

People from the following towns often tell others that Chicago is their home: Orland Park, Calumet City, Lansing, Chicago Heights, Downer's Grove, Merrillville, Indiana; Tinley Park, Oak Lawn, Homewood, Olympia Fields, Blue Island, South Holland, Harvey, just to name a few. Basically, everyone wants to be a part of the greatest city in the world, but they can't be, because I'm sorry, but the surrounding suburbs ARE NOT Chicago! you can often tell if someone is lying about their place of origin when they say "i'm from chicago" and later you overhear them talking to a coworker, friend, stranger, etc. and they are talking about the house they own in Chicago Heights or Orland. Annoying as fuck.
chicago is an awesome city, but not everyone can claim residence there. so people often say "I'm from Chicago" in an attempt to ignore the fact they live in an embarassingly lame hometown.
also used to make one look tougher, more hood more gangsta etc, even though people are stupid, and some of the roughest neighborhoods are OUTSIDE of the city...

wanna be thug: What up nigga im from chicago, imma fuck you up real good, im from da hood and im a hustler yo...
Casual person: you fucking idiot, you're from Homewood.
wanna be thug: oh shit....

co-worker: hey so where are you from?
mediocre suburb bitch: I'm from chicago, i live in a penthouse downtown baby, i'm from the best city in the world!
co-worker: dumb bitch, you're from Lansing, i could tell from a mile away, you've probably never even been downtown in the chi....

Poor, hickish, republican redneck from northwest indiana, talking to someone not from the area: i may not bathe regularly, I may drive a nasty old pick up truck and wear overalls, and i think going to JC penny is a big deal to shop, but I'm from chicago, the flyest city in the world!
person who has been forced to listen to this jibberish:cool,go to millenium park often for concerts?
indiana redneck: what's millenium park?
person listening, shaking head:indiana hicks always pulling that "i'm from Chicago" shit....
by jonesbones12345 April 28, 2012
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