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usually said by a dude, while going out.
usually a lie. usually believed though. usually ends in heart break. the average forever has always lasted three and 25/30 monthes (about a hundred days)
happens to all of us... we usually know it is a lie but are trapped in believing. then we get the name of a silly girl
week of going out(dude): baby i will love you forever and a day more trust me.
silly girl: forever?
dude: forever and a day more.
silly girl: awh babe i love you too forever!

three months later

dude: uhm we need to talk
silly girl(smiling): yeah i just was about to call you.
dude: i hope you wont be mad... i hope we can still be friends but...
silly girl(hectic):what... what are you saying?
dude: i think we should break up.
by ajmiddleton December 27, 2008
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